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wrapping up the morel season

I’m back in the bright lights for a week with most of the year’s harvest to drop off. Skeleton crew remains on site wrapping it up as the last of our morels are found and gathered. Should be complete by early July. An early start and an early finish. Been an awesome morel season, stellar crew, stellar crop. Now we start the stinging nettle and summer mushroom harvest in Northern AB.

About Eric Whitehead

“Mushroom Guy” has a lifetime of knowledge of the natural world and a contagious curiosity for anything wild. He’s never had a 9-5 and loves nothing more than taking you (via camera) into the wilderness to share with you all the wonder and deliciousness that there is to discover.

  • Andrew

    Hi, how would I get confirmation that the variety I found is in fact the shaggy parasol? Found in Mill Creek Ravine, Edmonton. It looks like the variety in your pics but I want to be sure.