We are delighted to announce that you can now march down to Sobeys and Safeway delis and pick yourselves up a scrumptious and carefully crafted cheese containing Untamed Feast wild mushrooms.

Bothwell Cheese out of Manitoba approached a few years ago (good cheese takes time) looking for cool wild ingredients to add to their already varied lineup of infused cheeses. We said,’ heck yah, we have cool wild ingredients,’ and they began concocting. The thing about Bothwell is that they do things right. They use 100% Canadian milk, free of anitbiotics or hormones, and follow the traditions and strict protocols of their cheese masters. And when you are making as much cheese as they are, that’s pretty impressive.  The other thing that we can tell you about Bothwell is that you have to be an extremely awesome person to work there. From the owner, to the blogger, to the cheese makers, they all care about what they’re making and the people they are making it with.

So fast forward through the smooth sailing partnering and processes and the result is an Extra old cheddar containing our Alder Smoked Chanterelles. The first, (if you like it as much as we do), of many wild cheeses to come .