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Tough season for morel mushrooms

If the bugs and the bears don’t deter you, the sheer lack of morels will. We are pulling out soon, got some…but not enough, onto looking for another location. Its just one of those years for morels…an off year.

Morel harvest 2017

We are here. Camp set up, Northern Alberta /BC border. Its tough so far, morels are hard to find and access is very challenging. 2 crew members having multiple bear encounters while picking deep in the woods. A grizzly and a black at the same time for Ryan, whoes dog challenged the grizzly and they…

wrapping up the morel season

I’m back in the bright lights for a week with most of the year’s harvest to drop off. Skeleton crew remains on site wrapping it up as the last of our morels are found and gathered. Should be complete by early July. An early start and an early finish. Been an awesome morel season, stellar…


Well the rain just won’t quit, camp is flooding, the rain will kill the crop if we don’t get some warm weather. Momma bear and 2 cubs helping themselves to the kitchen tent this morning, good god could we get a sunny day out here for a change.

rain makes morels

Been tough for the crew, the rain won’t let up, and the trucks are getting stuck. But…the morels are growing. 300 lbs harvested yesterday. Everyone is wet and cold and working hard.