Chaga Tea

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A dark, nourishing supertea

Chaga is a long-lived mushroom that grows mainly on birch trees and is revered for its *antioxidant power; the highest of any food source. It has long been consumed by Northern cultures around the world for its many uses and health benefits. It makes a smooth, dark, delicious tea that supports the immune system. As satisfying as something rich and sweet yet neither rich nor sweet, Chaga also makes a great substitute for your caffeine and sugar fixes.

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This is 100% wild, Canadian harvested from white birch.

  • 150g or more
  • Makes 80 cups

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2 reviews for Chaga Tea

  1. Sandy

    Brilliant tea! It feels good to know all of the benefits but I love the taste too. They instructed me to the easy way to use my slow cooker to constantly have the tea on hand. Thanks Untamed Feast!

  2. Eric

    My go to. So healthy, so nutritional, and this is all Canadian and sustainable!!

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