Smoked Chanterelle Risotto with Sundried Tomato

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This is our mediterranean inspired chanterelle mushroom side dish that has beautiful colour and big, bold flavour: gently spiced, with a sundried tomato tang and our signature alder smoked chanterelle mushrooms. Pairs perfectly with spicy chorizo, chicken, or roasted or bbq’d vegetable skewers.

Ingredients: Italian style rice, alder smoked chanterelle mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, spices (onions flakes, sea salt, raw cane sugar, wild nettle, parsley flakes, paprika, turmeric, garlic, porcini powder, chili pepper, white pepper).


6 reviews for Smoked Chanterelle Risotto with Sundried Tomato

  1. Emma

    This is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. We paired it with oven roasted veggies and organic red wine. One of the most delicious dinners that I’ve ever had, so easy to make too. Will purchase again!

  2. Judy

    Purchased at Medicine Hat trade/craft show and finally tried it! It was fantastic!! Awesome!! I’ll be ordering more!😁👍

  3. maria

    Absolutely amazing! Very impressing when served!

  4. Laura

    Making risotto from scratch has always intimidated me, but Untamed Feast’s package was incredibly easy. More importantly, though, it was DELICIOUS! Rich, deep flavour, with beautiful texture.

  5. Jo (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this Risotto! Tried a few weeks ago and loved it so much I immediately bout myself some more. Has a wonderful smoky taste and is the easiest thing to make without needing to have too many extra ingredients of your own.

  6. Nick

    Wow! This stuff is absolutely delicious. And so easy to make!

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