Chanterelle Mushrooms – Alder Smoked & Wine Cask Aged

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This is the first and only product of this kind. Anywhere. We’ve taken our chanterelles which have been hand-harvested from lush west coast forests, fire-dried them, smoked them with alder wood and finally, aged them to perfection in red wine oak barrels – bestowing them with the rich aroma and flavour of the wine.

Enjoy one of the succulent recipes included in the package or be inspired to create your own. Let us know what you’ve come up with because you too will have created something no one else ever has.

20g or more.  Ingredients: Wild chanterelle mushrooms (cantharellus cibarius), natural wood smoke, essence of red wine oak barrels (may contain traces of wine sulfites).


5 reviews for Chanterelle Mushrooms – Alder Smoked & Wine Cask Aged

  1. Angela

    These are amazing. I used them for a mushroom cream sauce. This vegetarian was so excited to have a bacon-like flavour on top of the mushroom deliciousness, without the bacon!

  2. Stefan Ochman

    We liked this product, which has a nice strong smoky taste. We ate the whole thing in one sitting.

  3. Ken Glitnak

    Premium product ,like all Untamedfeast items!!.

  4. C Colbert

    Can’t stop thinking about the smoked and wine cask-aged chanterelles. I bought several packages in Comox at the Filberg Festival one day, had a sample that night with guests, went back the next day (with guests in-tow) and bought more. We love mushrooms and have foraged for wild ones in the Gatineau Hills and now on the island but still salivate when I think about the ones from you guys, can’t replicate that smoked-aged taste. The packages make a great gift, especially for mailing because they are quite light and blow away other packaged mushroom products that I have used to make dips or sauces. Yum.

  5. Ian Walker

    After literally wrestling my landlord over the dried Chanterelle package the other day my first taste of the Wild Mushroom Soup was fantastic. Not being an accomplished chef at all the instructions were easy and straight forward, and being a bachelor it is hard to eat well and take the time to prepare proper meals at times. Eating this well usually means a large bill in a fancy restaurant and I am happy to be able to do this in the comfort of my own suite. The best food IS natural food! Thanks!

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