Morel Mushrooms

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The morel is one of nature’s finest wild mushrooms. A celebrated delicacy, even practiced foragers consider them an elusive treasure. The morel’s earthy flavour and meaty texture require little enhancement. Dried morels offer concentrated flavour that will elevate pasta, compliment meat, and inspire vegetarian entrees.

Package comes with a booklet of recipes inside. Product is non-perishable.

20g or more. Ingredients: Wild morel mushrooms (morchella conica).




19 reviews for Morel Mushrooms

  1. Nancy Hamilton (verified owner)

    I tried this product at Circle Craft a couple of times. I bought the Morells first because they are so rare and I love the texture & flavour. I’ve used them in risotto and have made delicious mushroom gravy. I will make cheese dip over the holidays for an exotic appy. The rich flavour is divine. I like to accent with a little truffle salt. It is a unique hostess gift or stocking stuffer. .

  2. L W (verified owner)

    These were a hit and took me back to when my Baba always cooked with Morel’s they picked on the farm.

  3. Gloria Berezowski

    I am so excited about finding this site thanks to my daughter. I too am a mushroom alcoholic. I just go nuts. I have picked them for years. They are just awesome. I will be your next life time customer😁.

  4. Wendy (verified owner)

    I grew up in northern Alberta and am from a Ukrainian immigrant/pioneer heritage so living off the land was what we did. With my grandmother and mother we would pick everything from wild fruit to wild mushrooms. Morels have always been my favorite. I was excited to see you folks on the Dragon’s Den recently. So I ordered several packages of morels, They are expensive but worth every penny. Forging them is expensive. Yesterday I made Baba’s best and simple recipe – morels, onions, garlic, cream and dill served on mashed potatoes. Delicious!!

  5. Deidre Paluck (verified owner)

    Love morels – SO HARD TO FIND – I received my order of 4 packs – delighted with quality. The start of a beautiful relationship with Untamed Feast.

  6. Caroline R Mills (verified owner)

    This was the first product I tried. I love the rich meatiness of this mushroom. My favorite is using it in an omelet. After trying these easy to prepare mushrooms I bought the porchini, chantrelles and the wild mushroom soup.

  7. Marvin

    These shrooms bring back found memories from when we use to pick them with our family years ago. The taste is beyond words. Fried with onions, garlic and whipping cream are a feast but themselves. I send a few packs to my mom ea h gimme I buy them.

  8. Sara (verified owner)

    I never had morels before, but I recently started getting into fungus and lichen identification, and they are all so excited about morels in those communities that I had to try it! It was smoky, flavourful, and incredible in bacon omelettes, and pasta dishes. I will absolutely get more things from you soon! Thank you so much.

  9. Alan R (verified owner)

    I use these morels in a bisque that I prepare on special family occasions. The taste is so enjoyed by all that as well as eating the bisque at our table they want to take some home as well.

  10. Samantha Daniels (verified owner)

    I used to go on adventures to find Morels with my dad when I was a kid. They were so tasty just fried in butter and mixed into rice.
    I could not believe how good these Untamed Feast dried morels were… They taste EXACTLY like I remember!

  11. Laurette Kennedy (verified owner)

    Your dried morels are beautiful and EXCELLENT! I soaked them, then used them in a mushroom saute to serve with grilled tenderloin, with fresh oyster mushrooms & Baby Bella mushrooms, onion and fresh minced garlic. The resulting blend was delicious, family loved it!

  12. Simone (verified owner)

    I use these with the cream cheese dip recipe that comes in the package and it is AMAZING. Very quick to make and every get together I go to I am bringing this dip!

  13. Gisele LeBlanc (verified owner)

    Just got my order of dried morels. Had some for supper. Yuummy! I breaded them with flour, eggs and bread crumbs and fried them in butter.. what a treat! I can’t seem to find them in my neck of the woods so i will do the next best thing and buy them four Untamed Feast. These morels are large so 5 were plenty for a meal.

  14. Sarah White

    I tried the Wild Morel Mushrooms as the cream cheese spread at the butterdome craft fair in Edmonton and I fell in love! We live in Kelowna now and still like to snag a bag when we can. Only thing I did differently was blend the cooked mixture before I mixed it in with the cream cheese. It has so much flavour! I’m so excited to try your wild rice products!

  15. John Wemhof (verified owner)

    A couple years ago we found Untamed Feast at the St. Albert Farmers Market and sampled the Wild Mushroom and Cream Cheese dip. We’ve been making it at home ever since. It has been really popular with our neighbours as an appetizer with our afternoon wine-time on the deck.
    We also prepare the morels as directed for the dip, but add them to risotto about 1/2 through the cooking time. The risotto, mushrooms and grated Beemster Extra Old Cheese makes a great meal.

  16. Amanda Boivin

    I don’t like mushrooms….but these are fantastic. I used them in the recipe for cheese spread on a toasted baguette. Delish!! I’m buying more today and sending some as a gift along with the recipe.

  17. Keith Henhoeffer

    This is my first time purchase

  18. David Bishop

    Whoever said dehydrated morels wouldn’t retain that “special” flavour, hasn’t tried these. I can’t wait for my next package to arrive.

  19. Sarah

    I absolutely love these dried mushrooms! They’re my favourite thing to add to a pasta dish, or cook with wild rice. They’re rich, nutty and apparently really good for me.

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