Mushroom Lover’s Gift Pack

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This Mushroom Lover’s kit contains one of each of our 11 wild mushroom products: Morels, Alder Smoked & wine cask aged Chanterelles, Porcini, Forest Blend, Gravy Mix, RUB, Porcini Risotto, Wild Mushroom Soup, Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup, Morel Coconut Rice, Smoked Chanterelle Risotto with Sundried Tomato. With each product serving 3-4, we’re talking about 40ish wild gourmet mushroom experiences.






6 reviews for Mushroom Lover’s Gift Pack

  1. Natalie

    Fantastic product! We love everything that we’ve tried so far, even the kids who typically refuse mushrooms they haven’t picked themselves. We’ll definitely order again.

  2. Shaun (verified owner)

    Great product. Can’t get enough of the rub, is excellent on salmon!

  3. Sally Jung-Grad (verified owner)

    This was our first time ordering this gift pack (a treat for ourselves), as we had purchased the individual wild mushroom packages before and absolutely loved them, We recently cooked up the wild rice and mushroom soup and found it to be very tasty, an item we’ll definitely reorder! This pack is a ‘must have’ if you love wild mushrooms!

  4. Alisha (verified owner)

    This was my second time ordering the mushroom lover’s gift pack. The first time I enjoyed every single item immensely. I shared some of the products with family and got rave reviews on everything, especially the wild mushroom soup (my mother said it was the first mushroom soup she’s ever enjoyed). Everything is delicious again this time around. I made a smoked & wine cask aged chanterelle risotto last week that was amazing. My only complaint is that all the recipes call for 20g of mushrooms, which is the entire bag of mushrooms. I have been quartering the amount of mushrooms I used to try to make them last. :s

  5. Jackie (verified owner)

    I am a mushroomaholic!!!! These are the best ever next to fresh! LOVED everything I have tried so far and more to enjoy! Can never get enough morels!!!

  6. Sandy

    Untamed Feast’s wild mushroom products are the best you can buy. Sustainably harvested and carefully dried product; local, family-run business started by the most awesome people. We have too many favourites to list, but suffice it to say we regularly purchase big bag of morels because they are so incredibly delicious. Delectable porcinis, boletes, chanterelles, and tons of other gourmet mushrooms and mushroom products make this company easy to support. Who doesn’t like good food?

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