Ocean Blend Seaweed

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Our Ocean Blend contains wild harvested wakame, kombu, and giant kelp from the pristine waters of Haida Gwaii. Their balance of deep umami and naturally salty flavours make them a versatile base for soups, salads, and stir-fries. They are an excellent source of more than 50 naturally occurring minerals and vitamins and are the highest naturally occurring food source of iodine.

Untamed Feast Ocean Blend is hand harvested with the most delicate and sustainable practices and dried using a cold air process to maintain the status as a raw food.

20g. Ingredients: Macrocystis Integrifolia, Alaria Marginata, Lamminaria Saccharina


5 reviews for Ocean Blend Seaweed

  1. Rita

    This ocean blend is awesome! Made the sea vegetable salad, WOW! And so good for.

  2. RJ tahhan

    Where can I buy your products in the US. . I am in Detroit Michigan area .

  3. Tony

    The pesto recipe inside is way better then any spinach dip I’ve ever had.

  4. Chelsea

    The ocean blend is amazing! I made the pesto that’s in the recipe book and it was the highlight of the dinner party. I made a double recipe and it was all eaten! It’s so fresh and delicious! Thanks untamed feast, you’ve done it again.

  5. Giles

    In the middle of Alberta and I feel like I’m by the seaside – great aromas and the sea vegetable salad is superb – so easy to make and great using natural products that are not only so tasty but so good for you

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