Porcini Mushrooms

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The porcini  is one of nature’s most popular wild mushrooms. A classic ingredient in many culinary traditions from around the world, it is also known as cepe, steinpiltz, and king boletus.

The porcini is the quintessential shape, texture, and flavour of the hearty wild mushroom. When dried, its flavour is amplified and is remarkable in everything from risottos and pastas to inspired food fusions.

Package contains a recipe booklet inside. Product is non-perishable.

20g or more. Ingredients: Wild porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis).



2 reviews for Porcini Mushrooms

  1. Janice

    I have had other dried mushrooms but never any that tasted this fresh and delicious. They are the best I have tasted.
    Thank you to all for these excellent products.

  2. Sonia S.

    These were a few of the best dinners that I’ve ever made. The recipes where simple and easy to follow and the mushrooms where amazing! It was like I hiked through the forest and picked them myself yet beautifully packaged for my convenience. These are going my Christmas baskets for sure! Thanks Eric and Michelle!

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