Wild Mushroom Soup

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What’s the secret to a great wild mushroom soup? Great wild mushrooms. This soup mix contains a blend of hand-harvested, fire-dried wild mushrooms. True wild mushrooms cannot be farmed or cultivated, so they’ve got more flavour and more nutrients. Surround that goodness with some basic ingredients and you’ll be savouring a light yet rich tasting wild take on a traditional European soup. Serves 4 and merits a scrumptious loaf of fresh bread.

Ingredients: Potato flakes, wild mushrooms (porcini, morel, chanterelle), spices (onion, garlic, bay leaf, sea salt, parsley, wild nettle, white pepper).


5 reviews for Wild Mushroom Soup

  1. Samantha A.

    I got this as part of my SPUD delivery on a trial basis, I had no idea what to expect. This was SO GOOD! To the one-star reviewer, you must have a very refined palate, as for the rest of us normies, I thought the flavour was perfect. My partner is a super picky eater and he loved it, too. This was eaten on a cold, snowy day and man, was it satisfying. Hard to believe it’s healthy with all the amazing herbs and spices included.

  2. Theresa

    This item really should be called cream of potato with wild mushroom soup. Doesn’t have deep mushroom flavour, spices need to be added. Quite salty.

  3. Jill C.

    Out of the Wild Food Master Pack, this was the first product we tried. It was delicious, and left me eager to try the rest of the products. So nice to have convenience as well as quality!

  4. Georgi Abbott (verified owner)

    This is gourmet soup at its best. I couldn’t believe how something so amazing could come out of a package. Absolutely mouth watering.

  5. Leann W

    We have tasted many untamed feast products. Our new favorite is the mushroom soup mix. Lots of mushroom flavor and good consistency (not too thick or too thin). It was easy to make and wonderful to eat! Keep up the excellent work.

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