A Bit About Who We Are

We believe that nature effortlessly provides the best tasting and most nutritious foods. It just doesn’t get any better than wild. Cooking with wild mushrooms and “weeds” has been passed down to us by our grandparents. We are excited to revive the tradition and to share the adventure with you. It’s hard work, but we love it. We built this business to have a life full of adventure, to keep us connected to nature, and to nourish us and as many people as we can with simple, natural food.


“Mushroom Guy” has a lifetime of knowledge of the natural world and a contagious curiosity for anything wild. He’s never had a 9-5 and loves nothing more than taking you (via camera) into the wilderness to share with you all the wonder and deliciousness that there is to discover.


Michelle has a finger in pretty much every piece of the Untamed Feast pie. Branding & content, on-line sales, inventory management, and occasionally… she gets to pick a mushroom or two. She’s delighted to be contributing to alternative food systems and influencing people to try something wild.


Usually found in a downtown highrise designing something, Matt takes an annual escapade to recommune with nature, to hike hard, get dirty, and do other 3 dimensional stuff like widdle a bow & arrow, or build an outdoor oven from a steel drum. He’s Michelle’s brother and artist extraordinaire behind the Untamed Feast brand.


Formerly a loyal Untamed Feast customer, this loveable, bearded bear has become our right hand man. Rod owns a pet store in Calgary, farms garlic & blueberries on Vancouver Island, is a passionate amateur chef, and when not honing his mushroom picking powers or rescuing animals, he may be spotted behind an Untamed Feast event booth.


Chelsea is a chef by training and an angel by design – we didn’t know what we were missing until we found her. Her manufacturing powers are the metaphorical oil that greases the Untamed Feast machine. She keeps our playlists fresh, our spirits light, and our tummies full of baked goods. You will often see ‘Chels’ and her dazzling smile behind Untamed Feast event booths.

Sam & Sue

Sam, Eric’s dad, is a log cabin builder, a man of many other trades, and a man of many, many stories. Sue hates bugs and being dirty, but she loves hiking, and is a pretty cool cat who brings a sensible balance to the load of gorillas around the campfire. When they aren’t slaying mushrooms, Sam & Sue split their time between their cabin in the mountains and their restored saloon in the Mexican desert.


Nick’s the web guy. He keeps Untamedfeast.com up and running (and when it’s not, you can take it up with him 😉 ). He’s been doing web & SEO stuff since 2008. Not continuously though… sometimes he sleeps, plays the drums, goes snowboarding and mountain biking, or works on his Miata.

Other Team Members

Rio, Daphne, Chelsea & Tony, George, Dafne, Jeremy, Micheal, Barb, Larry, Paulo, Hannah & Perry, James, Dave, Rick, Jarron, Rob & Tom, Richard & Tony, Micheal, Rob & Stephanie.